NOW Adam Multivitamin Review

NOW Adam Multivitamin

NOW Adam Multivitamin

NOW Adam Multivitamin

Product Quality


Product Efficacy


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Value For Money



  • Provides essential nutrients for optimal health
  • Higher concentration of ingredients than most competitors
  • Ideal for vegetarion and vegan
  • Formula designed for maximum absorption
  • Formulated and manufactured by NOW Foods, a leading brand name


  • Tablet is quite bitter in taste. The product also comes in alternative forms such as softgels and capsules.

NOW Adam Multivitamin – Does NOW Adam Multivitamin Improve Men’s Health?

Man’s quest for a good multi-vitamin is faced with almost too many choices. But if you want a real high-quality multivitamin teeming with nutrient-rich ingredients, your best option is nothing more than NOW Adam Multivitamin (also called NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi). It is one of the best all-round formulas exclusively made for men by NOW Foods, a leading supplement manufacturer.

Adam vitamins does not waste any space for superfluous ingredients and fillers. Because it is focused basically on giving the best care for men, it is consistently occupying 1st-place as best-seller month-in and month-out. Next time you are out shopping, why don’t you include a bottle in your cart? It comes in bottles of 90 veg capsules, 120 tablets or 180 softgels.

NOW Adam Multivitamin

Check out NOW Adam Multivitamin

NOW Adam Multivitamin Benefits

  • Adam is formulated to address the nutritional and health needs of men
  • It contains only the most essential ingredients for formulation
  • It has higher levels of the nutrients that men need to maintain optimum health
  • Ideal for Vegetarian / Vegan
  • It has dual quality vitamins that the body can easily absorb and process
  • Herbal supplements, like the Saw Palmetto, creates a gentle touch to a men’s multivitamin
  • Supplement comes in the form of tablets, capsules or softgels that are easy to swallow

How Does NOW Adam Multivitamin Compare With Other Multivitamins For Men?

With NOW Adam Multivitamin (NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi), all other male multivitamins pale in comparison. NOW Adam is teeming with IU beta-carotene mixed with inositol hexanicotinate considered superior by nutritionists. Also recommended is the B-6 derivative from P-5-P. The latter is found to be a more bioavailable and effective form of B-12.

NOW Adam Multivitamin also contains Saw Palmetto, Panax Ginseng, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Ginkgo Biloba. These are ideal for men of all ages that guarantee efficacy critical for prostate and eye health. It is an iron-free formula.

Other male multivitamins on sale today have unacceptable levels of artificial additives, fillers and binders that do more harm than good. On the other hand, NOW Adam Multivitamin minimizes any use of unnecessary fillers and binders as well as artificial additives. Without these frills, more room is provided in each capsule/tablet/soft gel for higher levels of nutrients needed by men to attain the optimal health.

NOW Adam Multivitamin Pros and Cons


  • The gel is gentle and easier to swallow and be absorbed by the body
  • The quality is ensured through high GMP standards
  • Is an ideal dietary supplement
  • The price is reasonable – keep your eyes on sales and promos
  • No side effects at all
  • Good value for money
  • Superb ingredient profile
  • Iron-free formula
  • Softgels are smooth on the stomach


  • Although softgels are tasteless, tablets are bitter on the tongue.

NOW Adam Multivitamin Ingredients

These ingredients are only found in NOW Adam multivitamin for men:

1. CoQ10 is amazing for your brain health, heart health, and metabolism. Sold on its own, the CoQ10 supplement can be costly, but it is found inside this multivitamin.

2. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful natural antioxidant that prevents many types of illnesses and diseases.

3. Lycopene and Lutein are essential for men who are getting older and starting to worry about prostate cancer. These two ingredients are great for your prostate health, and also your eyes as well.

4. Panax Ginseng is a root that alleviates mental health, diabetes, and even male sexual health.

5. Saw Palmetto is the best extract for prostate health and disease prevention.

6. Grape Seed Extract contains a rich amount of antioxidants that fights free radicals!

7. Aloe Vera Concentrate improves intestinal health.

8. Other ingredients are: cellulose – for proper digestion; croscarmellose – as food emulsifier; sodium – controls blood pressure and volume; stearic acid – skin cleanser; silica – as desiccant; and vegetarian coating – coating from veggies.

9. Vitamin E from soy protects cells from damage.

10. More ingredients include: pumpkin seed oil – safeguards urinary tract and reproductive area; soft gel capsule is a combination of gelatin, water, opacifier and a plasticizer like  glycerin or sorbitol used to encapsulate the content; soy lecithin – possesses emulsification properties; yellow beeswax  is produced by the honeycomb of honeybees and other bees. It lowers cholesterol; as well as relieves pain; and cinnamon oil – for its numerous health benefits.

NOW Adam multivitamin is suitable for vegans as it is not manufactured with wheat, gluten, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients.

now adam multivitamin ingredients

Check out NOW Adam Multivitamin

FAQ about NOW Adam Multivitamin (NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi)

1. Has any study been done on the bioavailability of Adam multivitamin?

Several studies have been made. In fact, each type of tablet that is in the market has undergone many tests to ensure proper disintegration/dissolution. Tablets are given special attention as their ingredients are solid and harder to control than the standard type of gelatin capsules or Vcaps that can be disintegrated at times.

2. Do these tablets/capsules/softgels have an odor?

These supplements are both odorless and tasteless like water.

3. What are the ingredients? Where can we find the list of ingredients?

If you look at the old and the new bottle of vitamins, all the ingredients and vital information about the supplement is found on the label.

4. Are these synthetic vitamins?

Adams is not a synthetic vitamin as it does not contain chemically developed drugs. If you read the list of ingredients, they are all derived from natural environment.

5. Is this with or without iron?

This product does not list iron as one of the ingredients in the nutrition details. In other words, this product is iron-free.

6. Are the production and expiration dates included on the label?

The FDA requires that all stuff taken orally must have both production and expiration dates stamped on the label. This is done to ensure the safety of users. Every time you purchase a dietary supplement, always check out these dates.

7. Is NOW Adam Multivitamin safe for consumption?

The product is manufactured by leading dietary supplement company NOW Foods, according to stringent GMP standards to ensure high product quality and safety.

8. Is the product suitable for all men?

It is suitable for men generally. However, if you have a medical condition or are on medication, we would recommend that you speak to a doctor before taking any supplement.

Adam Superior Men’s Multi is a vitamin supplement designed and manufactured by NOW. The product is specially customized for and exclusively designed for men.  It works as a shield to protect men’s health with varied types of micronutrients and ensure they are at the peak of their health.

It is like an ‘insurance policy’ that guarantees every man the best vitamins and minerals available in the market. That said, vitamins are only supplements and they are not alternatives to a balanced diet.

With NOW Adam Multivitamin, men can enjoy health benefits that are customized for them. It is a motivation for them to maintain optimal health as they can rely on a effective and reliable supplement!

NOW Adam Multivitamin

Check out NOW Adam Multivitamin

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