Does Pure Colon Detox Work?

Does Pure Colon Detox Work? We Seek The Answers Today!

Colon detox or colon cleansing is nothing new today. In fact, with so much publicity and media coverage on colon detox supplements like Pure Colon Detox, most people would have heard of them.

The real question is whether these colon detox supplements really work. With so many different colon cleansing products in the market, it can be confusing for most consumers. We are certain that our readers too want to know which colon cleanser works and which does not.

So we decided to do some research on Pure Colon Detox, a colon detox pill that is gaining traction among folks who engage in colon cleansing either through homemade remedies or through oral medication. We need to understand what Pure Colon Detox is all about, what it does, its ingredients, and whether there are success stories of consumers who have taken this colon detox supplement. From what we gathered from the media, even celebrities seem to have something good to say about Pure Colon Detox.


Those who regularly or periodically perform colon cleansing do so for a host of health reasons. Colon cleansing is able to remove accumulated waste or toxins in our bodies and renew our digestive systems. Poor health and its associated symptoms such as weight gain, constant fatigue, stomach bloating, lack of focus, etc often stems from a poor digestive system and colonic health. So once the root of the problem is solved, equilibrium is restored to our bodies and overall health improves.

What is Pure Colon Detox?


The Pure Colon Detox formula is formulated using natural active extracts from fennel seeds, rhubarb, ginger, aloe vera, licorice root and cayenne pepper. They are sold in the form of capsules for easy oral consumption.

What are the benefits of taking Pure Colon Detox?

The natural ingredients of Pure Colon Detox are effective in flushing out the toxins both natural and man-made, from our bodies. Toxins such as metabolic waste are built up in our bodies over time. Through the food and air we breathe, our bodies also absorb chemical or man-made toxins. Over the years, the accumulation will lead to serious health problems. An adult of average build and weight can carry about 15 pounds of accumulated waste.

Pure Colon Detox is also found to be able to relieve indigestion, constipation and stomach bloating. Many people, especially ladies are not aware that having a tummy paunch can be due to stomach bloating and not weight gain. So no matter how much weight they try to lose, it doesn’t seem to shrink their waistline much.

Some obvious effects of consuming Pure Colon Detox include weight loss, leaner midsection, clarity of mind and heightened alertness.

Basis for Safe Colon Cleansing

Safe and natural colon cleansing methods are broadly categorized into 2 different medical therapies. One being colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. This requires the assistance of a colonic hygienist or colon hydrotherapist who will essentially flush gallons of water through a small tube inserted into your rectum. The practitioner might add herbs, enzymes or probiotics into the solution before introducing into your body. The whole process is meant to flush the toxins from your colon and intestinal tract.

Another colon cleansing method is via liquid or powdered supplements. The method of delivery could be oral consumption or via insertion into the rectum which can be a little invasive and uncomfortable. The supplements can come in the form of enemas, herbal teas, laxatives and capsules like Pure Colon Detox.

The advantage of taking Pure Colon Detox is its ease of use, and more importantly, the gentle mechanism of flushing out the toxins from the colon and intestinal tracts. Many colon cleansers like enemas and laxatives are harsh and might irritate and stimulate the colon to expel its content, which can result in some discomfort and even pain.

Case Study – Success Stories of those who take Pure Colon Detox

Here’s the testimonial of a regular reader, Stephanie who has been using Pure Colon Detox. To be fair, she has been taking both Pure Colon Detox and Pure Asian Garcinia to achieve her weight loss. We will cover Pure Asian Garcinia, a popular weight loss supplement in a separate post. While we are unable to accurately assess how much of her weight loss success is due to the consumption of Pure Colon Detox, according to her, it does play a big role in helping her with her indigestion and stomach bloating issues.

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(Images: courtesy of Stephanie Taylor)

Since the test was on a combo diet consisting of Pure Colon Detox and Pure Asian Garcinia, this is definitely under the radar of our editorial team. In the meantime, we are gathering more feedback from other readers who too have taken Pure Colon Detox and will update these pages subsequently.

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