Colon Cleanse Detox

Colon Cleanse Detox – Benefits and Concerns of Colon Cleanse and Detox

What is Colon Cleanse Detox?

Colon cleanse detox is popular in many first world countries such as the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It is especially so in these countries where the problem of obesity has grown to the scale of an epidemic. This crisis is due largely to the unhealthy eating habits and less than active lifestyles of working adults. healthy_and_unhealthy_colon

Medical research and experts have different views of colon cleanse detox and its efficacy in weight loss and health restoration. But generally, the common consensus is colon cleansing and detox do have its health benefits, hence the strong following.

The theory behind colon cleanse and detox is that it “cleans up” the colon of accumulated toxins, hence maintaining good colon health and digestive system. Many illnesses and ailments are often a result of poor digestive system and colon health. Over time, the body accumulates pounds and pounds of food residues resulting in toxins from metabolic reactions in our bodies. Symptoms of poor colon health include constant tiredness, weight gain, constipation, headaches and migraines.

Colon cleanse detox can be done via colon irrigation also known as colon hydrotherapy or simply by taking colon cleanse detox products sold in pharmacies, supermarkets and online stores.

Colon Cleanse Detox Benefits

A healthy colon ensures that undigested food residues can be discharged from the body efficiently. It prevents bacteria and illnesses from developing.

Colon cleansing also prevents constipation. Frequent bouts of constipation can lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissure and fecal impaction (hardened stool in the intestines).

Colon cleanse detox helps in weight loss. An average adult can carry about 15 pounds of waste, equivalent to the weight of a bowling ball. Imagine removing that 15 pound bowling ball off your body? That is the first step towards losing weight.

Regular colon cleansing and detox will prevent the future formation of waste, and improve your metabolism, hence reducing more weight in the process.

It also aids in better absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Poor absorption results in mineral losses and poor health and the opposite is true, ie good absorption results in good health.

A clean colon is the first step towards better levels of energy and vitality. If you are always feeling tired, then a colon cleanse detox might be what you need.

By going through colon cleansing and detox, the toxins are not able to stay stagnant in your body to cause permanent harm and damage. Research has shown that maintaining good colonic health reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Colon Cleanse Detox Products and Colon Irrigation

Colon cleanse detox products are available easily if you want to perform colon cleansing. They come in the form of herbal teas, enemas, laxatives and supplements and some are taken orally while others inserted into the body via the rectum.

Herbal teas prepared using slippery elm, marshmallow root and tonic herbs such as lotus, peppermint, dandelion tone are effective in colon cleansing. Other teas using carminative herbs include most mints, cumin, cardamom, black pepper and cloves.

Digestive herbs, such as ginger, parsley, fennel or cumin seed, papaya, senna leaves are sometimes used in these herbal teas.


Enemas and laxatives are introduced into the body via the rectum to irritate the colon into expelling its content. Enemas can be prepared at home or bought from pharmacies or supermarkets. Homemade enemas for a colon cleanse detox exercise can be prepared using apple cider vinegar in water, lemon juice, catnip tea, burdock root, coffee or probiotics.

While enemas and laxatives are generally quite effective in flushing toxins out of the colon, they are not recommended all the time due to potential side effects. They are allergic reactions, mineral imbalance, vomiting, nausea, cramps, and infections.

Most people today consume colon cleansing supplements such as Pure Colon Detox. They are formulated using pure and natural ingredients, effective for colon cleansing and detox and convenient to take daily. There is no preparation required and no side effects.


Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy uses the same delivery method as enemas and laxatives. However, this is done in a clinic by a colonic hygienist or colon hydrotherapist. The practitioner will introduce gallons of water via the rectum into the body and waste is expelled from the colon via bowel movements. Coffee and probiotics might be added. Colon irrigation needs to be done for several sessions before you can see any results. Each session costs $100 on average.


Before going for colon irrigation, it is important to speak with your family doctor as you might have medical conditions that make you an unsuitable candidate. Medical conditions include ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, rectum tumors, colon tumors, heart disease and kidney disease.

Pure Colon Detox is offering limited free trials currently. Find out more about this colon cleanse detox supplement.


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